Joanna Wickham

I describe my style as ‘romantic reportage’, my photos are full of emotion and beauty, the unexpected and the delightful. I love capturing ethereal light and happy moments and I am always looking to capture the spirit of an occasion in a simple and beautiful way.

I like to create pictures and tell stories and capture the connections between you and your loved ones. Beautiful light, moments and emotion… these are things that never go out of fashion.

I don’t like being photographed.  And I know lots of people feel the same.  It’s not easy to act natural in front of the camera.  That’s why the photos I take aren’t about acting or posing.  Romantic Reportage is all about capturing those genuine moments of emotion and connection that life is so full of, but they are also so easy to miss and forget.  It’s a style of photography that is timeless and classic.

I have been photographing weddings for more than 14 years and I love the photos I took back then every bit as much as the ones I’m creating today.  Happily, my style of photography has stood the test of time.